Alternatives to the classic TV corner

10 alternatives to the classic TV corner

Katerina Dima

The TV corner is often the place where you prefer to take refuge after a hard day's work. So, why not make it original and design by finding alternatives to the classic TV cabinet? Decorate the wall where the screen is attached, customize the furniture on which it is placed or replace it with an overhead projector ... Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.

The TV corner is the relaxation area of ​​the living room, so it is impossible to neglect: you have to give it style, customize it and not jump on the first piece of TV furniture. Côté Maison reveals its favorite details for a perfect TV corner in 10 images.

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1. Vintage camouflage around the TV corner

Alpha Smoot

Go your unique TV corner, design and vintage by accumulating frames on the wall to hide your screen. If you are in possession of a 50s style TV stand, stay in the theme. Choose vintage frames, retro posters and respect the color code of your home. We love these autumnal peaks of brown and orange. Add a retro touch by recovering old toys found in a flea market or in your attic.

Photo via Pinterest by Alpha Smoot

2. An easel as a TV stand


If an artist's soul slumbers in you, this TV stand is for you! Placed on this easel, your screen is transformed into an artist's canvas. You will spend hours in front of masterpieces of the 7th art. To animate your new TV corner, do not hesitate to accumulate the decorative frames on the wall to remind the canvas that sits on your new bridge.

> Photo via Pinterest

3. Multifunction TV corner style workshop


Installed in your small apartment, the place is missing and you must make a choice between the desk and the TV stand. Why not combine the two with this TV stand? In addition to installing your computer to work or watch your favorite showsyou can also store your belongings and install your decor of the moment. We are fan of the very clean and vegetal style given to the TV corner.

Photo via Pinterest by bungalowbungahigh

4. A pop dresser turned into a TV stand

Louis Lemaire

Explode the colors of your TV area giving it a pop and vintage look. You can, as here, customize your TV stand yourself. With a simple Ikea dresser, leave room for your creative mind, and get brushes and punchy paint. Paint the drawers with geometric shapes. We advise you to create the triangles with scotch not to overflow. Paint the wall of the room in a solid fashion, while remaining in the colors of your new dresser. All you have to do is look at a 70s vintage TV, and you're back in the disco years.

Photo via Pinterest by Louis Lemaire

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5. A trunk as a TV stand

Katerina Dima

come pimper your TV corner giving him a boat spirit. First, trade your basic TV stand against a magnificent old-fashioned travel trunk. Bring bright touches to this dark space by placing a white seaside style vase and a white pile rug. Special mention for the driftwood branch. The touch more? The old sack of jute food gives a crazy charm to the TV corner.

Photo via Pinterest by Katerina Dima

6. Turn your TV corner into a movie theater


While everyone does not have a room of 50m2 at home to make a movie theater ... But the idea is really nice and achievable in a small living room. For this, simply paint the wall of your TV corner in white, leaving only a solid surface. Remove anything that may be bothering around, and place an overhead projector opposite the TV corner. We find the idea of ​​cushions absolutely great, but old armchairs or a sofa will also do the trick. All you have to do is prepare the popcorn!

Photo via Pinterest

7. Create your TV stand with breeze blocks and wooden planks


If you are told that with a few euros, you can create a industrial-inspired TV standyou go for it? The project is very simple: stack two beautiful wooden planks and six blocks, and voila. All you have to do is hang your TV on the wall and install your electronic equipment. To perfect the decor and store your cables and DVDs, these rattan baskets blend perfectly with your new furniture. To give it more life, a green plant will do just fine.

Photo via Pinterest

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8. The vintage chic spirit TV corner


It's time to turn your TV corner into a great space! Pallets hung on the wall bring a recovery spirit. Glazed, they become really classy. To give a vintage side, orange and yellow are very strongly recommended. The shrub adds a vegetable touch to the living room and blends perfectly with the wooden pallets.

Photo via Pinterest

9. A Zen spirit TV corner for absolute relaxation


Watching TV is a moment of relaxation. This TV corner with the Zen spirit has everything included. The lines are very clean, the big white vase contrasts with the black wall. To stay in the mood, place branches inside. The wood on the wall echoes the floor, warms the room and brings out the TV. In short, here is a well-being area where you can breathe and meditate.

Photo via Pinterest

10. A trunk turned into a TV stand


We end with an original idea and funny! Recycle an old chest in TV cabinet, a nice alternative for those who do not have room for a "real" furniture. Just hang a screen holder inside the base, and you're done. You can make your TV disappear and use the furniture as low table. The trunk also allows you to store remote controls, cables and other controllers ... A top tip that is recommended to those who live in the studio.

Photo via Pinterest by Justlaine