Small kitchen: the 4 tips to fit everything (or almost)


Do you have a small kitchen? Here is how to develop it to use the space available at 100% ...

1. I isolate the dining area with a set of heights

All work plans (meals, preparation, cooking, washing ...) do not need to be at the same height or in the same axis. We can isolate the dining area by a set of partitions or walls if we want to make it more intimate. So, it's less like being in the kitchen.
Example: the kitchen "Arcos" by Schmidt. Here, laminate plans make up a bar, a small table and benches. To dissociate dining area and work areas, we played on work areas, heights and materials.

2. I adopt lifting doors for high elements

Use the tips of cooks. Thus, the rising doors for the high elements are less troublesome and there is no risk of bumping. All manufacturers now offer elements with solid or folding doors or folding doors (assisted opening systems offered by specialist brands such as Blum and Grass).
Example:the "Idéalis" kitchen, B's signature B collection. In this small kitchen, which is arranged to the nearest centimeter, the doors of the high elements are equipped with an assisted lift system and the light shelves contribute to the general lighting.

3. I use all the space above the work surface

The credenza can accommodate rods, shelves, lockers - closed or open - leaving the utensils on hand. Decorative, it also protects the wall from splashes and grease stains. Finally, if you adopt a work plan deeper than normal (65 to 70 cm instead of 60, for example) to pass pipes at the back of the furniture, take the opportunity to put a small credence element with integrated electrical outlets.
Example:the kitchen "City" of Hygena.The wall was dressed with a laminate wall panel (10 colors to choose) and equipped with a rail to hang shelves and hooks.

4. I am equipped with ingenious drawers

If space is limited, be aware that by equipping kitchen furniture with drawers (not doors) and cleverly fitting them, it's as if you have a bigger kitchen. Attention, the huge drawers placed under the hob and present in all the catalogs are not so practical as it is necessary to move away from the work plan to open them. Better to choose smaller and more easily manageable to avoid travel.
Example: the kitchen "Black Bistro" of Lapeyre. With its retro look, it offers all the ergonomics of a modern kitchen: deep drawer for cooking pots, interior lighting, trash sorting ...