Chair versus bar chair, which one to choose?

Chair versus bar chair, which one to choose?

H & H

The H & H brand declines its chair models in low version as bar chair. Colorful or more sober, more or less high, with or without armrest, leather or fabric, design or timeless, the H & H seats are mixed to create a comfortable and warm decor.

Leather, fabric, with armrest for increased comfort, colorful or black, impossible not to find chairs that blend perfectly into your decor, within the H & H catalog. Not only, the Dutch furniture brand offers a very large collection of chairs for the kitchen or the dining room. But it also declines many models in low chairs and bar chairs. Offering you twice as many possibilities to please you, harmonizing your dining room chairs with those of the bar.

Low seats that rely on comfort

You will first fall for their style, before enjoying their comfort. Elegant in black, modern in white or in trendy colors such as blue, H & H chairs can be made in different shades, to match your taste or your interior decoration. Most models can also be ordered with stainless steel legs for a contemporary style or matte black metal, for a more industrial decoration. And if you are looking for an authentic interior, some chairs like Malene / Malvino also exist in wood.

For your well-being around the table, H & H chairs focus on comfort; prefer chairs with high back, why not with armrests especially for children. Still can not decide? Do not panic, fashion is mismatched chairs around the table. So, to be at the forefront of the trend, mix materials or colors, without falling into excess of course, to maintain harmony. With for example, a black chair in the middle of white or the same chair model declined in different pastel colors.

Malene fabric chair from 279 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share). Malvino leather chair from 379 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share) .H & H.

H & H

The bar chairs breathe a modern wind into the living room

More or less high, design with their sleigh feet, covered with fabric for a cozy interior or leather for a contemporary decor, the bar chairs immediately bring a touch of modernity in the living room. To keep them looking new, choose stainless steel. To select the right bar chairs for your bar table and be able to sit comfortably, remember that the chair should be about 30 cm taller than the height of the bar. Thus, if the bar is positioned one meter above the ground, opt for 70 cm chairs.

Julien bar chairs in microfiber on leather crust Corsica 259 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H

our selection

1. Malvino vintage spirit bar chair

With its square metal sled foot, this bar chair Malvino lacks originality and design. Another plus, the handle on the back, which makes it ultra easy to handle.

Malvino bar chair, available in several types of leather. From 349 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H

2. A comfortable chair

This fabric chair has a high back for a real comfort of use.

Malene chair in fabric, black tube frame, round handle. From 279 euros including 0.25 euros eco-share. H & H.

H & H

3. A bi-material bar chair

With its modern metal structure, this bar chair in fabric brings a design note to the house.

Bar chair Maxim coating Tatra 249 euros (including 0.60 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H

4. Fleece effect for this comfortable chair

Beautiful modern structure for this Julien chair with a neat design. Not to mention the comfort at the rendezvous.

Julien chair in microfiber leather crust Corsica 249 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H

5. A chair to your liking

Available in different colors of leather, this chair combines comfort and elegance thanks to its black metal foot, while refinement.

Milan leather chair from 369 euros (including 0.25 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H

6. Practical, swivel bar chair

This bar chair swivels which makes sitting easier. We like the contrast between lively and cheerful fabrics and modern, sober black feet.

Milva bar chair in fabric from 289 euros (including 0.60 euros eco-share). H & H.

H & H