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How to clean suede?

How to clean suede?

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Soft to the touch, the suede is difficult to maintain. This subject deservesto be cleaned or detached with some specific productsat the risk of seeing your suede sofa, for example, covered with shiny plates. Here are our tips for clean the suede and get rid of the stains, while maintaining its soft appearance.

The suede is the inner part of the leather. It must be protected to the maximum of bad weather and stains. Nevertheless, it is possible to clean a stain on deer by taking precautions. Here's how to proceed.

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Clean suede with talc

To clean light suede, sprinkle a little talc on the material and massage gently to form an even layer. Allow the suede to soak up the talcum powder overnight and rub gently with a soft brush to remove the talc. Your deer is clean and flexible again!

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Clean black suede

Add a drop of white vinegar to a damp cloth and gently rub the skin. This will give color to your black suede. Then let it dry away from light and heat.

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Remove white spots from water

When you have walked in the rain with shoes, a jacket or a suede bag, while drying, you notice white halos on your pretty suede. The trick is to wet the material again and dry it properly. For this, protect the interior with paper towel, a dry towel or newspaper, then moisten your stain with a slightly wet sponge. Let it dry in the shade and away from a heat source. The next day, gently rub the suede with a soft brush, always in the direction of the hair.

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Brighten up smooth suede

Over time, the soft appearance of the suede fades and the skin becomes smooth. To restore radiance, rub gently with a stiff brush or iron straw. Finish with a soft brush while rubbing in the same direction.

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Clean beer on suede

Someone spilled beer on your suede couch? Put a drop of alcohol on a damp cloth and rub gently. Finish cleaning with school gum or bread crumbs.