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How to get rid of midges?

How to get rid of midges?

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For eliminate midges in a kitchen or in the garden, sometimes you have to be patient. But there are simple ways for get rid of midges naturally. Here are our anti-midget solutions.

These small flying insects, attracted by moisture and food, can be eliminated thanks to some tips. One of the first tips? Make a great cleaning to effectively fight the proliferation of midges. And especially, disinfect. Check out more anti-midget tips with this article tips.

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Get rid of gnats by doing a great cleaning

Start by putting fresh products in the refrigerator and dry goods in the cupboard, preferably in airtight containers. Fruit, sausage or cheese, remaining pasta or bread crumbs: clean the kitchen and leave nothing in the open air, because the food attracts the midge irresistibly.

Another black point: garbage cans. It is the favorite place for midges to feed and lay their eggs. The ideal is to take out the trash often and have a trash lid. During the cleaning stage, empty your bin and disinfect it: pour a cup of ammonia and wait one hour before rinsing.

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Eliminate sources of moisture to control midges

Make a clean space by removing all water sources, the gnats love: close all bottles of water, soda, fruit juice or wine, empty all the water, whether in glasses or the basins of plants, in the bowls of your dogs and cats or in the sink.

Wipe your work surface and other surfaces that have just been washed.

Put out the plants with rotting roots.

Finally, disinfect your pipes, greedy paradise: in the drain holes, pour two tablespoons of bicarbonate and a glass of white vinegar. After two hours, pour boiling water. This operation is to be renewed regularly.

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Eliminate midges around fruits

It is not always desirable to keep fruit in the fridge. Some must be able to mature in the open air! Once your cleaning is done, prepare to take your fruit out of the refrigerator. Wash your fruit basket thoroughly and dry it. Then, use some tips to deter midges from returning to the load. One hint: midges hate cork, garlic and cloves! Put some corks in your basket of fruit, or ten cloves stuck in a lemon, or a few cloves of garlic (no need to peel), or all three at once! Success guaranteed.

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Get rid of midges around plants

That says plants usually says humidity, and therefore, midges. But there are some parries to overcome the plants. If possible, suspend watering for a few days, drying out the top layer of soil, which will kill the eggs. Then plant matches in the earth, point downwards: the midges hate the sulfur.

Another tip: spray a mixture of water, liquid soap and lemon juice on your plants, including on the ground. After a few days, the gnats should be gone. If not, it is desirable to repot your plants.

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