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How to protect oneself from the waves?

How to protect oneself from the waves?


The waves are everywhere. Antennas radio, TV, telephone, satellites ... Add to that the waves Wi-Fi, circulating everywhere at home, in the street, on the train, and even our microwave oven! Disturbances to electromagnetic waves may occur. But you can protect yourself.

Discover how to protect yourself from the waves and better manage your electrosensitivity.

Electrosensitivity disorders

Man perceives electromagnetic waves. Depending on its level of sensitivity, this can have more or less inconvenient consequences. Appeared for a few years, electrosensitivity is a bad thing recognized by the WHO. Symptoms include disturbed sleep, irritability, lack of attention, and repetitive headaches. Other causes are often denounced but we must face the facts: we are surrounded by the waves. It even seems that magnetic waves could be responsible for certain cancers.

Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves at home

First, turn off all devices that emit waves. Only turn on your Wi-Fi box when you need to use it and do not leave your devices on standby. If you live in an apartment, try to ask your neighbors to do the same, it will be good for everyone.

As long as you can, do not carry your smartphone on you permanently and do not use it when you have a bad reception: the waves emitted when the device picks up badly are the worst.

Finally, at night, turn off your laptop and do not keep it near your head, even off.

Reacting against electromagnetic waves

If you are electrosensitive, diagnosed or not, protect yourself permanently. For this, avoid public places filled with Wi-Fi and prefer to live in the countryside rather than downtown. With the help of a medical certificate issued by your doctor, ask your employer to arrange for you a work space set back from the airwaves. Finally, a treatment based on vitamins, anti-inflammatories and antioxidant is often prescribed to limit the consequences of electrosensitivity.