To dare to paint the floor

Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball

Your parquet is old-fashioned, banal, worn? Renovate it and give it color, it will gain in character. There are paintings "special parquet" easy to apply. Scandinavian whiteness, industrial metallic tone or daring vintage colors, choose the desired effect.

Paint a floor to give a cool shot

Before, paint his floor, it was cheap. Now there is nothing more chic! The trend comes from Scandinavia. There, one paints his soil as one paints his walls. It's cheerful, bright, easy to do. And it gives character to the most unusual floors, such as the typical mosaic oak of the 1960s or the yellow and gnarled pine. Thus made uniform, the floor highlights the furniture. If you feel like an artist, you can even add trompe l'oeil motifs to the brush, to imitate the edge of a carpet or the geometry of a few cement tiles, for example.

"The trend is opacity"

New parquet paints are applied to rough wood, already painted or varnished, without stripping or undercoating (sometimes light sanding is necessary). Resistant, they do not flake easily; their covering texture masks the imperfections of the wood. "The trend is opacity," confirms Sandrine Pommies, product manager at Syntilor, who offers a colored glaze, as thick as a paint and as resistant as a conventional glazer. The best sellers colors? White and black lacquered, and the aluminum shade with surprising metallic highlights.

Bright or vintage tints

Natural and whitened tones are on the rise. At Maison Déco, we add on a pebble base, taupe or sand, a white patina or glittery varnish ("Wood Relook"). At Libéron, a light gray, beige or white wash is used on light woods. For an industrial atmosphere, bet on metallic gray. Dark, they structure the space and make it warm. Want more fantasy? At Tollens, among 14 shades revisited, there is a beautiful red cherry and a celadon green full of freshness. These vintage colors work well with reclaimed furniture.

Rosewood. paint "Wood relook" without stripping or undercoat, 10 shades, 24.90 euros per liter, Home Deco.

House Decoration

Celadon. Satin acrylic paint very covering, without underlay, 14 shades. "Special soil", 19.90 euros the pot of 0.5 l, Tollens.


Bitumen. Painting "Renovation floors & stairs" without stripping or undercoat, 8 shades, here "Tarmac", 34.90 euros the pot of 0.75 l, V33.


Hemp. "Badigeon parquets-stairs" to give a patina to the wood leaving the visible vein, 28.40 euros the 0.75 l pot, Liberon.


Glazier "Tendance parquet" high gloss metallic effect, 7 satin or lacquered shades, 38.90 euros the 0.75L jar, Syntilor.


Pastel sweetness. Floor paint color "Lulworth Blue", from 42 euros the 750 ml pot, Farrow & Ball.

Farrow & Ball