Cut and drill tiling

United octagonal cement tiles, 25 25 cm, 109.12 euros m2, and patterned cabochons, 7 7 cm, 3.40 euros one, Carocim.


Cutting and tiling is not an easy operation but is essential. To tile a floor or a wall, cut tiles placed at the end of the wall, in the corners or along a pipe. To fix a piece of furniture or a hook, it is necessary to drill a hole in the tile. Here are our tips for doing it right.

Tools for cutting and drilling tiling

- The pincer: it allows manual tile cutting, for a finishing job for example.

- The multifunction tool: it is very useful for cutting tiles accurately, and also allows, thanks to its many accessories, to finish the tiles (sand, vacuum, detach and recess).

- The tile cutter: it is the essential tool for cutting tiles. Manual, it is reserved for standard size tiles and medium resistance (fine earthenware or sandstone), for straight tile cuts. Electric, it can cut high density tiles (marble, stone, ceramic or terracotta) of any size, and make complex cuts (diagonally, rounded or bevel).

- The electric tile saw (jigsaw): it is particularly suitable for making complex cuts on tiles of large sizes and to cut thick tiles effortlessly.

- The hole saw (saw hole): mounted on a screwdriver, it allows to drill tiling and perform circular cuts.

- The angle grinder: equipped with a diamond disc, it is recommended to achieve a rectified tiling (to give the tiles of the same dimensional characteristics), tile cuts diagonally or diagonally on resistant tiles, or to drill tiling (It must be equipped with a specific mandrel).

- The "concrete" drill (with tungsten carbide tip): adapted to a drill, it allows to drill tiling accurately using a drill guide.

- The punch: it allows to prime the hole before drilling tiling.

Our four tips for drilling and cutting tiles ...

1. Before tiling, always prime the hole with a punch, and then firmly position the drill on the primer of the hole.

2. To drill tiling, remove the drill from the drill to avoid breaking the tile, and use two pieces of adhesive tape glued to prevent the drill from slipping and the tile cracking.

3. To drill well with a drill, always start drilling at slow speed, then accelerate gradually while maintaining regular pressure.

4. To cut an already glued tile, start by drilling the joints, which are softer than the ceramic.

Precautions for cutting and tiling

Using an electric tile, an angle grinder, a tile saw, a hole saw, or a drill-mounted drill for tiling or tiling requires a few precautions:

- To protect against heavy dust, chips and noise, wear a dust mask, goggles and ear plugs.

- The electric tile is equipped with a water tank, protect the floor with a tarpaulin to prevent splashing water damage the coating.

- Always keep your fingers away from the blade or disc when tiling or drilling.