Which floor for a Zen and natural terrace?

Richard Alcock

You want to change the floor of a terrace? Surfaced paving, concrete blade or reconstituted stone, Maison Magazine has selected 14 to guarantee you a zen and natural exterior ...

Want to change the floor of your terrace? Enjoy the summer to choose which one you prefer ...

1. Trompe-l'oeil and pretense on my terrace

1. "Natea" concrete blade, aged wood look, 180 x 15 cm, ep. 22 mm, 100 euros the m2, Orsol.

2. Porcelain stoneware tile "Geo Gray", anti-slip finish, 80 x 80 cm, 124.62 euros the m2, Stock B.

3. "Arizona" porcelain stoneware tile, stone effect, non-slip finish, size 44.3 x 44.3 cm, 52 euros per m2, Porcelanosa.

4. Concrete slab stained in the "Origin" mass, smooth and matte appearance, greige color, 60 x 60 cm, thick 22 mm, for the inside and the outside, 80 euros the m2, Orsol.

5. Not Japanese reconstituted stone "Taiga", 52 x 37 cm, 6.10 euros each, Marlux at HMT.

6. Concrete blade wood gray "Boibé", 160 x 40 cm, ep. 50 mm, 97 euros the m2, HMT.

7. Glazed porcelain stoneware tile "Outclip" slate way, installation system without glue, with clips, 45 x 45 cm, 39.26 euros per m2, Castorama.

8. "Tavola" porcelain stoneware tile floorboard style, non-slip finish, size 19.3 x 120 cm, 134.50 euros per m2, Porcelanosa.

9. Engineered stone grating "Boisière", 50 x 50 cm, ep. 30 mm, 49 euros the m2, Marlux.

10. Engineered stone flooring "Faroe", interlocking slabs, lava effect, Armor color, 79 € the m2, Bradstone.Lanterne in black metal wire "Irina", 25 euros, Alinéa.

2. Slabs with textured patterns
3. A brick effect on my terrase