Indoor plants: stop or yet?

Indoor plants: stop or yet?

Madam Stoltz

Poll More trend than ever, plants take over our interiors with panache! New decoration accessory darling by the fans of nature, the house plant still repels those who do not have so much the green hand. And you, plant team or pro of the plastic plant?

Green or flowering plants, succulents, cacti, climbing plants and even carnivores ... Each piece of the house corresponds to a very particular plant. If some people use and abuse the plant at home, others prefer to houseplants decorative ornaments, frame or candle, much easier to maintain. What about you?

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Indoor plants? Very little for me

Allergic to everything that resembles a plant near or far, you banished plants from your home a long time ago. So yes, you can fantasize about a nature atmosphere while walking on Pinterest or Instagram but impossible to jump in, even the cactus does not find grace in your eyes, that's saying!

Indoor plants? It kicks me!

Silence it grows ! is your favorite TV show and that, everyone knows it. Nature-loving, you like to take care of your plants and see them grow and flourish is for you the prettiest of rewards. When you do not have the chance to have a garden, do not worry, you bet on indoor plants, whatever they are. It's simple, your home would make Mowgli jealousy of the Jungle Book ...

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