I am planning my family home in 12 decorating ideas

I am planning my family home in 12 decorating ideas

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Pinterest Inspiration As the family grows, the house may seem narrow or poorly arranged. It is not necessarily necessary to enlarge the house and invest in important works. Our planning ideas will allow you tooptimize spaces, strengthen their usability, and open or partition them as needed. of the simple and effective solutions.

Large living spaces, functional spaces and personalized corners for everyone, are the assets of a thoughtful family home. Bunk beds in the room, double washbasin in the bathroom, maxi bookshelf in the living room ... Discover 12 ideas for accommodations for a family home, gleaned by us on Pinterest.

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1. A great friendly room for family life

This large living room brings together the kitchen, the living room and the dining room around a central island, conducive to family reunions and discussions. Living spaces communicate in order to make the most of each other. Cooking, relaxing, nibbling ... are no longer compartmentalized activities, and can be shared with family.

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2. A room well thought for two children

The layout of this child's room allows delimit spaces for two siblings, without partitioning. The central island, furnished with a storage chest, accompanies two beds separated by a wall. On each side of this wall meet in symmetry working spaces for one and the other. A good idea that differentiate these spaces with color.

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3. A board in the house to communicate with the family

In a busy family life, the blackboard where everyone can leave a message, list the races to make or note an appointment, is practical and even essential. As a bonus, it also brings a lot of style to a kitchen or a dining room. It's a interactive element which energizes the decor.

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4. A family bathroom with double vanity

Certainly,bath and double washbasin are essential in the family bathroom, but placing two ladders against the wall also helps to unclutter the space. A nice decor idea to have towels and bathrobes, with style.

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5. A double desk to do homework as a family

Children from large families traditionally find themselves at the end of the day around school homework. It is necessary to dedicate to them a suitable space where they can work in peace. Stretching the traditional desk seems like a good trick: fix against a wall, like a shelf, a long board that will allow children to do their homework side by side.

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6. A large family kitchen with lots of storage

This family cooking has a nice central island, very practical, around which there are many storage spaces easily accessible. In this kitchen, kitchen utensils and crockery are piled on beautiful glass shelves, as in the old fashioned way. We love !

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7. A maxi library for the books of the whole family

The books of an entire family pile up quickly and can become cumbersome ... Book them an entire wall of the house by realizing a maxi library which will have a great effect. Coup de coeur for this custom-made realization that allows to adapt a library on an open wall to another room: surprising effect.

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8. A dormitory for large family

This original dorm makes us forget the traditional bunk beds, since here each bed is suspended from the ceiling by ropes. The layout is not only singular, it allows especially save floor space. These are the little adventurers who will love!

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9. An entrance with storage space for the whole family

The entrance of a family house is quickly cluttered with many coats, shoes, bags ... creating a disgraceful bazaar when everything is not stored effectively. Do not skimp on cupboards and hooks, and opt, why not, for a small bench on which you can have his finest accessories, but also sit to tie his shoes.

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10. A place in the family house for a laundry

In the family, household chores are multiplied, and the layout of the house must be able to facilitate them. Give them a small room is a good idea. The challenge will then be to optimize the space. Earn practical storage for efficient sorting of laundry and household products, and make them easily accessible. Finally, do not forget to include a sink in your room.

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11. A reading corner to isolate oneself from the family

In his family life, sometimes you need time for yourself, to rest or read a book. That it is good to be with one's books, well installed. We dream of this comfortable bench which makes it possible to read not by the fire, but the nose against the window facing the surrounding nature.

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12. An all-in-one parental suite

This room dedicated to parents has a bed separated from a desk by a small wall, a bathroom in one of its corners, and a bench for reading or relaxation, arranged near the window. This facility allows parents to isolate yourself in duet, in a cozy and functional space.

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