Ibiza, the legendary bohemian island

Ibiza, the legendary bohemian island

Ana Lui

What alchemy infuses the red earth of Ibiza? This island which attracted artists and mythical personalities and who loves today the creatives of all horizons, in a cultural harmony and a lifestyle of authentic authenticity. The book Ibiza Bohemia Editions Assouline explores this colorful world.

On the one hand, electro parties and white sand beaches. On the other, a return to the 70's, to nature and to the essential. Real land of contradiction, Ibiza still deploys its aura. The hippie era seems to have never left this island of beauty, where many artists and anonymous come to relax, admiring the majestic rock Es Verda, strolling through the streets in shimmering colors or enjoying the sunset.

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The island, the white, was not born in the 1960s and did not disappear afterwards. Hidden by the flamboyance of clubbing with its electro sound, its marginal art of living resonates in unison desires elsewhere, simplicity, authenticity. It is no coincidence that the Assouline editions, always at the forefront of the currents crossing the world of creation, launch a book with the emblematic title, Ibiza Bohemia. Prosper Assouline explains: "We are becoming more and more supervised, the hotels are more and more clean, we want now this form of freedom, colorful things, lightness ..." All images in this book could date from 1970 but they are of today.

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Ibiza transforms every inhabitant into a colorist.

Anne Menke - Editions Assouline

Peace and love in bloom and weightlessness! That could be the motto of the island.

Gwen Le Bras - Editions Assouline

Multicolored ceramics.

Sandra De Keller - Editions Assouline

Without going back in the past of the island, the successive waves of migration of artists of all horizons explain the vibe - atmosphere - of Ibiza. Fleeing the wars, landed the German architect Erwin Broner, the writer Walter Benjamin, the photographer Man Ray, the dadaist Raoul Haussmann. Later Grupo 59 was created with pop art pioneer Bob Munford and other artists. The stars followed suit, Errol Flynn, Elizabeth Taylor, Lawrence Olivier and the hippies in 1968.

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Terrace with the London interior designer Caroline Legrand in her Can Mimosa finca.

Ana Lui - Editions Assouline

On the table, typical bottles of the island, mouth-blown, above the lamps evoking bird cages.

Sandra de Keller - Editions Assouline

Discover the art of living so special islanders who choose the essential, but always with an innate sense of aesthetics. Narrow streets of the upper city of the capital Ibiza.

Petrovsky & Ramone - Editions Assouline

The film More by Barbet Schroeder tells these years, filmed partly in the house of his mother. "There, in the utmost joy, she lived a real philosophical life," he says, spending nothing, fishing, growing his garden, swimming every day of the year. A whole spirit that the time reactivates. Ibiza double facet, between day and night, north and south, olive trees and beaches, club-bing and yoga, evenings to 10000 or intimate bacchanals in the cellars ... in his immortal desire to live.

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Relearn, inside the island, to be closer to a wild nature. Opposite, between prickly pears and aloe, the man reinvents permaculture to grow vegetables like these musk gourds.

Maria Simon - Duy Vo - Editions Assouline

Relax with the good vibes of the island between the magnetic rock of Es Vedra and a relaxation session in the softness of the water. Es Vedrà, today classified as a nature reserve, stands 400 meters above the sea. Its magnetism, which makes the compasses mad, makes it an island of legends like that of the Sirens in Homer's Odyssey. View of the house of Anna Knaup and Arko Van Weel, founders of Sorted Management, international agency of DJ and music producers.

Gwen Le Bras - Editions Assouline

Editions Assouline

Ibiza Bohemia, more than 200 photos, 85 euros, Assouline. / //