Before / after: reviving an old kitchen without changing everything

The kitchen after work, bright and trendy.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

Dress up an old fashioned kitchen quickly and with a small budget, it is the challenge that Bénédicte and Matthieu of the deco blog Auguste and Claire launched themselves! The two bloggers prove to us that with a little elbow grease and patience, it is possible to give a second life to a dilapidated and old-fashioned kitchen without changing everything. Follow the example ...

When they moved in, Bénédicte and Matthieu from the Auguste et Claire blog decided to revamp the old kitchen of their 65 m2 Brussels apartment. In just 4 days, the decorating bloggers have completely modernized and refreshed this kitchen that lacked brilliance. Vintage deco and modern look, the result is bluffing!

Furniture, credence, floor ... In this kitchen, all the original elements have been preserved. But why did you choose to keep the original kitchen? The problem with this kitchen was that it had not been adequately maintained by the previous owners. So the question was whether to redo it completely or renovate it at a lower cost. As the layout of the room was interesting, Bénédicte and Matthieu opted for a decorative makeover to reveal the origins and potential of this ancient cuisine. In the perspective of future projects, the idea of ​​the couple was not to redo everything, but to improve the existing. By cleaning the furniture and the floor and with a few strokes of paint well placed, the kitchen is in good condition and is sublimated. They explain their approach ...

Cooking bloggers before the makeover.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

The kitchen became bright and trendy after the work.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

The makeover of the kitchen step by step

1. Clean surfaces before painting

The cleaning step is essential before applying the paint, especially in a room like the kitchen where waterproofing and resistance are essential. For areas prone to daily use, Bénédicte and Matthieu scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt. The goal was to start from a healthy base before moving on to the painting stage.

The kitchen during the makeover work.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

Close up on the facades of the kitchen after makeover.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

2. Choose a resistant paint

For the facades of kitchen furniture, Matthieu and Bénédicte have opted for a trendy pastel blue-gray. But style is not everything! For both bloggers, it was absolutely essential to choose a good quality paint for the kitchen, this room wet and difficult to maintain. That's why they chose a special kitchen and bathroom paint to repaint the furniture but also to cover the flowery wall tiles and past fashion.

The products used to repaint everything: On the walls: classic matte white Sencys. For doors, skirting boards and frames: Sikkens Rubbol satin white solvent-based paint. For the radiator: special painting Sencys radiators. The kitchen furniture has been refreshed thanks to a special painting kitchen and bathroom Dulux Valentine bay color. For wall tiles: special paint kitchen and bathroom Levis white color.

The kitchen of the Brussels apartment before the renovation.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

The cooking of Bénédicte and Matthieu after the work of relooking.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

3. To be patient during renovation work

Before embarking on a deco makeover, you must have time and patience because we are not safe from unpleasant surprises, and falling on difficult areas that require more effort can happen more often than we do not think so. Bénédicte and Matthieu realized this by discovering parquet under the lino during the works. Nice surprise ? Yes, but the satisfaction was mixed because the floor was in very bad condition. After hours of takeoff, stripping, and sanding, the couple managed to remove the glue residue layers. The work paid off as the worn floor gave way to a beautiful parquet floor full of charm.

Products used for the restoration of parquet:V33 Super Special Wood Remover, Rubio Monocoat Natural Oil.

The damaged soil of the old kitchen before the renovation.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

The floor of the kitchen after the restoration work.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

4. Bring trendy touches to decorating

For the revamped kitchen, which pleases the couple a lot, no additional changes are planned except for the addition of a few decorative touches to personalize the room and optimize the renovation. Bénédicte and Matthieu decided to adopt the vintage retro style for their freshly processed cuisine!

A closet of the kitchen before work.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

A corner storage of the kitchen after the makeover.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

The report of the kitchen makeover

With a small budget and in a short time, the two bloggers have managed to sublimate the kitchen of their apartment without making huge changes. In parallel, they have renovated the rest of their homes, namely the dining room, living room and bedroom, in just 3 months. Like what, with perseverance and will, everything is possible!

The pastel kitchen after the makeover work.

Bénédicte Blondel / Auguste and Claire

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