Annual flowers, everything for them!



Ideal to give the garden a whip all the summer, the annual flowers are sown right now for three months of flowering full of charm ...

Nasturtiums, flowers more than perfect

- Where are they sown? Dwarves in pots or bins. Climbers along the walls. Flowering goes from July to frosts. Nasturtiums need room to give the best.
- Exposure : full sun or a bit of shade.
- variety : the dwarves "Alaska" and "Tom Thumb", perfect in borders or planters; "Golden & Scarlet Gleam", climbing with large yellow flowers or bright red.
- advice : sow generously, but they can be invasive. So, they are cut before they smother the summer perennials.

The cosmos, the most mischievous flowers

- Where are they sown? In the sun, in the mountains, in the middle of shrubs or roses.
- Exposure : full sun, in a normal and well drained ground.
- variety : "Early Sensation Giant", from white to Indian pink, very large (90 cm); "Daydream" simple, a beautiful dark pink; "Bright Lights", more compact, in the yellows, ideal for planters.
- advice : the cosmos is facetious. He can give flowers for 4 months a year and nothing else. He likes watering, but especially not regular. We sow lightly by barely covering the seedlings we protect with a net to prevent the looting of birds.

Poppies, the most romantic flowers

- Where are they sown? In the middle of perennial massifs, along paths, in planters, at the foot of shrubs.
- Exposure : full sun in a well drained land but especially not too wet.
- variety : simple red (that of Monet's paintings); "Angels Choir", rustling, in pinks and light yellow, double flowering; "Bridal White", brand new, all white.
- advice : we sow on the fly, from April, on a well cleaned ground and we water very slightly in fine rain.

The blooms, the most amazing

- Where are they sown? In planters, bins, beds, borders and even pots.
- Exposure : all sun, in a drained land.
- variety : mix of English wildflowers, for beds or lawn borders (Thompson & Morgan); the mixture of perennial flowers for balcony (Vilmorin); seed mats (3 m2) plain or multi-colored (Truffaut); mixtures blooming meadow (30 m2) to sow from April (plants-and-gardens.com).
- advice : ribbons or circles of paper are preferred for small spaces. We reserve the big bags of seed mixtures for lawns or, better, for virgin spaces in the garden.

How to buy annuals?

- Except when harvesting the seeds after flowering, the annual flowers are bought in sachet.
- Respect the dates of germination indicated on packages and if you do not sow this year, keep the bags dry and in a location not too hot.
- Buy the seeds in big bag can be interesting economically, especially if you train some friends with you.

To put all the chances on his side:

- Prepare the earth before any sowing. Total weeding is essential for the success of your plantations. otherwise, weeds may suffocate young seedlings.
- We can use a seeder to distribute the seeds harmoniously over all the planned ground. Otherwise, open the bag of seeds on a small side and spread the contents of an ample and flexible gesture (very good for the health).
- Water with an apple very fine watering can to prevent drowning and seed dispersal. And, finally, do not hesitate to remove the seedlings packed on top of each other. This is the big rule for successful annuals ...


- www.graines-baumaux.fr: a large selection of flower seeds and vegetables.
- www.thompson-morgan.fr: mixes and original English varieties.
- www.truffaut.com: a very wide range of flowers and vegetables.
- www.vilmorin.com: for varied and easy-to-use blends of flowers.
- And, also, good brands like: Royal Fleur and Caillard