BBC house: a green house inevitably overpriced?


BBC House, from fantasy to reality: we believe it inaccessible because of its sophisticated equipment and especially overpriced. Yet, it is in the long term that we measure the decrease of the charges ...

The fantasy

"It's expensive!" With its sophisticated equipment and reinforced insulation, the BBC home is inaccessible to most buyers. "


According to Céquami, one of the certifying bodies of the BBC houses, their selling price stood in 2010 at € 169,410 for an average surface area of ​​116 m2. Thus, out of the 975 houses studied, one in four cost between 100,000 and 130,000 €, one in five between 130,000 and 150,000 € and more than half more than 200,000 €. Only one house was sold for less than € 100,000. It is a fact, the BBC house is more expensive than the house meeting the current thermal regulation (RT 2005), 10 to 15% according to specialists. But it is still in its infancy. Authorities, manufacturers and manufacturers are aware that, "mandatory" from 1 January 2013 - the date of application of the RT 2012 - the BBC house will have to reduce its costs. New technical solutions are already emerging, designed to make it available to first-time buyers. However, there will be no miracle: the mandatory use of renewable energy, the arrival of seismic regulations, etc., make the BBC home will remain more expensive than a current standard home. But let's not forget that it is less expensive on a daily basis, generating loads that are all the more low as its level of insulation is high.