My ugly washing machine, I hide it!

Useful and indispensable, the washing machine is a classic household equipment. But often, we would prefer to hide it or relook. Panorama solutions to retract his washing machine behind a cabinet, closets, a curtain ... All tips are good to take it to be discreet or to make it more aesthetic.

I'm tired of my functional washing machine but not very beautiful. In pictures, visit various solutions to hide behind a sliding door or relook with paint.

1. I hide my washing machine behind a double sliding door

I hide my washing machine behind two sliding doors. Like farmhouse doors, they become urbanized and become more trendy when painted in orange.

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2. I hide my machien to wash behind a low curtain

Adept simplicity, the pure white option adopted in this laundry is for you. Hidden behind a simple white curtain, the machien à laver finds himself ... or not.

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3. I hide my washing machine behind a classic door

Ideal space saving solution when you do not have an entire room to devote to your laundry room, the closet. Behind this door, the washing machine is integrated into the bottom of the cabinet under the shelves.

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4. I hide my washing machine by decorating it with stickers

To brighten my washing machine, I cover it with stickers. Here, colorful flowers to bring a little poetry and femininity to the laundry.

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5. I hide my washing machine in a custom closet

Solution space saving, it is under the sink that I nest my washing machine. In a closet made to measure the washing machine, it has its place reserved and once the doors closed, neither seen nor known.

Photo via / Julie Semarrehihihi

6. I hide my washing machine by decorating it with masking tape

To make more aesthetic a washing machine, failing to make it disappear, I decorate it by personalizing it. With masking-tape black tape, I create horizontal stripes on the washing machine and peas on the dryer just to differentiate them.

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7. I hide my washing machine behind a simple sliding door

In this house decorated by the Russian agency Int2Architecture, the laundry area has been planned in white and wood as in the rest of the house. To close the laundry area and its functional shelves, this large, unfinished wood sliding door adds an original touch and authentic character.

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8. I hide my washing machine behind a curtain door

As in this apartment of a young couple decorated by the agency Int2architecture, the laundry area at the end of a corridor was sublimated in gray and white. The washing machine, nestled in the bottom, is hidden when it is not used, by a curtain door in the same shades of gray, as chic as discreet.

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9. I hide my washing machine behind openwork doors

In this tropical laundry room, the washing machine is concealed with a certain transparency. Behind two openwork swinging doors, the superimposed washing machine and tumble dryer can be divined more than they can be seen. A way to make them present but discreet.

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10. I hide my washing machine behind big curtains

To recreate the countryside atmosphere of this laundry room nestled in a corner of the house, the washing machine disappears at will behind two large curtains fabric fantasy.

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11. I hide my washing machine behind two openwork sliders

To maximize space, the washing machine is hidden behind two perforated sliders. An option that lets light through and hides without hiding.

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12. I hide my washing machine, under the bench, behind fancy curtains

Efficient and not expensive, these are two fancy curtains that hide the washing machines. Made to measure, the curtains integrate perfectly under the workbench.

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And also ... I hide my washing machine behind wallpaper

Spotted in a trendy laundry, these machines are decorated with fantasy wallpapers. An inspiring idea that makes you want to fill up with washing machine motifs in the same spirit, with wallpaper or decorative stickers.

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