The decorative trick of Aurélie Hémar: skating a wooden table

The decorative trick of Aurélie Hémar: skating a wooden table

France 2

In this week's Atelier Déco, Aurélie Hémar helps Serap and his son Khan modernize their living-dining room by skating a wooden table. Demonstration in video.

Aurélie Hémar launches in the decoration of the living-dining room of Serap and Khan. For this, it brings new life to an old wooden table with bronze patina. Discover the Do It Yourself of Aurélie Hémar's Atelier Déco on video.

Video of Aurélie Hémar: relooking a wooden table thanks to the patina

Material needed to skate a wooden table

- A sander

- Of metal or concrete coating brass finish

- A brush

- Steel wool 000

- A drill with polishing pad

- Rags

- Protective wax

The Aurélie Hémar tutorial to revamp this wooden table with patina

1. Sand the table beforehand

2. To pass the coating metal / concrete finish brass with the brush

3. After drying, sand the table with thick grain steel straw to make it shine

4. Apply colorless wax with a cloth to protect the table

The decoration workshop of Aurélie Hémar

Charlotte Schousboe / FTV

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