Valentine's Day card: 5 DIY made with love

Valentine's Day card: 5 DIY made with love

Mrs R

What's better than do it yourself a card to his / her beloved one for the Valentine's Day ? With the help of several bloggers, Côté Maison offers 5 DIY Valentine's Day Cards to say I love you in a nice way. A Valentine's Day card woven on a Canson leaf, a card with embossed hearts ...

Offer a map for the Valentine's Day is a beautiful attention, it is a unique object in which one reveals his feelings. But it's even better when you create it with your own hands. We slip in a detail that will please the elected (e) of his heart, we customize it to be fully suitable ... Here 5 DIY to create a Valentine's Day card at the top!

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1. Weaving his Valentine's Day card

For this DIY, arm yourself with patience! But the result is worth the effort. You will need a Canson type sheet, red embroidery thread, a fine needle, glue and a pencil.

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Grow me

1. Start by cutting your Canson sheet in half to have a postcard size. Then draw a heart in the middle of your card using the pencil. Finally, draw in the center of the heart the first letter of your lover (s). Draw there in a simplified and wide way.

Grow me

2. The second step is to pierce the outline of the heart and the letter using the needle to pass the thread.

3. Use the red thread and needle to embroider your heart. Pass the thread through the entire surface being careful to leave the letter blank.

Grow me

4. Once this step is complete, stick the second part of the paper behind your card to hide the threads. Here you are with a great card to offer for February 14!

Thanks to Cultiver-moi for DIY

2. Relief for this Valentine's Day card

This DIY only takes a few minutes and requires very few tools. You need Canson paper of different colors, scissors and glue.

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1. Begin by folding a Canson sheet in half to make a double-leaf card.

2. Cut out your colored paper to make hearts.

3. Fold the hearts in half for a relief effect when glued to the card.

4. Stick your hearts to the map. Do not forget to stick them on one part to give a beautiful effect in relief.


A simple, pretty Valentine's Day card that will please your loved one.

Thanks to Cbyclemence for DIY

3. Giving altitude to his Valentine's Day card

Still an original and creative DIY to create a Valentine's Day card. Called "hot-air balloons", this card requires a little precision. For the material, you will need a cardboard kraft paper, several colored Canson sheets, a black felt pen, glue and scissors.

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Mrs R

1. Begin by folding the kraft paper in half to make a double-sided card.

2. Cut 6 hearts on Canson leaves. Keep your scissors and cut two clouds on a white sheet.

3. Fold your hearts in half.

4. To make a first balloon, take three of your hearts. Overlay your hearts by sticking only the fold. Press well and let dry. Do the same for the second balloon.

Mrs R

5. After you have defined the location of hot air balloons on your map, draw two small baskets with your felt, and connect them to the balloons by drawing 4 threads. Connect your baskets with a small garland.

6. It only remains to stick the balloons and the clouds to obtain a card of deco and original Valentine's day.

Thanks to Mrs R for DIY

4. A scratch card for Valentine's Day

This DIY is original and fun. Be creative by making a scratchy Valentine's Day card game. We will teach you how to create a painting that can be scratched. For the map, find something nice on the internet, and write your word of love.

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To create this painting, use transparent adhesive paper - the one used for school notebooks -, washing up liquid, acrylic paint, a teaspoon, a fine brush and scissors.


1. In your small container, mix two doses of paint with a dose of dishwashing liquid.


2. Apply 3 coats of paint to the glossy surface of the adhesive paper to make it opaque.


3. Once the paper is dry, cut out a rectangle the size of your text.


4. Remove the film that protects the adhesive paper and place the rectangle on the text to be hidden.


This is a little surprise word that will please your lover.

Thanks to Asaline for the DIY. Find the map to download on his site.

5. Create a beaded card for Valentine's Day

The bloggers are full of imagination to offer you nice cards for the lovers day! This last DIY requires very little time for a refined result that will please everyone. In terms of material, provide iron beads, a bead holder, an iron, parchment paper, strong glue and a Canson leaf.

Miss Pakotill

1. Reproduce a heart with the ironing beads that you will place on the plate.

2. Put the parchment paper on the heart to press with the iron, which will melt the beads and glue them together.

Miss Pakotill

3. Cut your sheet into a double-sided 18 x 13 cm card.

4. Use the strong glue to fix the heart on the map. Press hard and wait 24 hours.

Miss Pakotill

You can now offer this card, it only remains to write a word of love inside.

Thanks to Miss Pakotill for DIY