The Maison & Objet Salon


From the 26th to the 30th of January 2007, decorating professionals (architects, decorators, buyers for boutiques ...) meet at the Parc des Expositions in Villepinte, near Paris


There are RER fans and car addicts. The first swear they arrive safely and without clutter. But morning trains sometimes look like boxes of sardines that stop at ten stations before arriving. We will take care to buy his ticket "back and forth" in advance to avoid the queue at the ticket office. For the return, it is better to know that after 18 hours it is unlikely to have a seat. Given the state of exhaustion, we are sometimes on the edge of pugilism and we dream of the two hours of traffic sitting in his car! That said, the RER trip is worth the detour for the mix of genres and surprise conversations between the English decorators, blondes and efficient, the Italian embijouteées, on the run away from their shops, businessmen and journalists or stylists always in a hurry ...

Side car, it's head or tail. The addicts will swear to you that it's fast. Count anyway 1 hour from the center of Paris.


Formerly, the Friday morning was rather calm, crowds crowded especially on weekends. From now on, the hordes land on Friday, at dawn. Sunday is the day of strollers. On Monday, business ends and Tuesday is the day of the last negotiations and repackaging, so the horror. Saturday morning is finally perhaps the quietest moment and if we are not finished, we come back on Sunday from the opening by leaving at noon.

The clothe

The shoes are the major element of the marathon day: not too flat (it's bad for the back), not too high (it quickly becomes a nightmare). The ideal: a good old pair super comfort with 3 cm of heel. We quickly hot, no need to cover too much. Cloakrooms (paying) are at the entrance of the halls. But we never have the courage to redefine things. Aim for one near the hall of your car park or closest to the RER. We always queued at night, but as long as we do, we are quickly gone. The entryBetter to show white paw: no entrance to the Salon without a business card indicating the Siren number and the APE / NAF code. The extract K bis or the commercial register will be controlled by the hostess. Invitations must be completed with all professional proofs.

To attack

Finally ready, here you are in the holy of holies: 2,500 stands in 7 halls. Each hall corresponds to well-defined sectors: hall 1: "ethnic chic", the importers of exotic objects; hall 2: "textile", household linen; hall 3: "the table", from kitchen accessories to porcelain plates; hall 4: "deco side" brings together under the label 'references' the furniture stands of family and yesterday; hall 5A: "deco side" includes outdoor and indoor furniture, garden objects and charm, and all soaps, fragrances, bath salts, scented candles; hall 5B: "Indoor scenes" and fabric editors; hall 6: "home accessories", the world of children and everything for the home to the quit-tidien or objects memories. And the newest, hall 7, "Now! Design to live", very contemporary. On the ground, a red thread symbolized by a red carpet distributes all the halls and allows to go from one to the other to more direct. A tip Always start by taking a look at the "staged tendencies" at the entrance of halls 1, 2 and 3. They give an idea of ​​the times and allow you to spot the objects in the shot and to note the number of the stands to which they belong.

Stop It is better to know: there is no bench to sit! It is forbidden by the security service. Look for the sofa stands and show yourself very interested. Or take a walk to the Press Village (on the red line in Hall 5) where the decorating magazines sometimes pick you up nicely on tastefully decorated stands ... and a couch. Another solution: make a lunch break at noon. Because, know it, the places of restoration are assaulted until 15 pm. The most refined? The Elle Déco café and the Mariage Frères tea room, both in hall 5B. This winter, a new restaurant decorated by Pierre-Yves Rochon is organized in the welcome tent in front of hall 5B. Permanent cafes with sandwiches are scattered between halls 4 and 5. A wine bar is posted at the beginning of hall 6. Well hidden, the mezzanine dining area of ​​halls 1 and 2 offers Comptoir du Monde plates. And stands of soups or quiches or sometimes sushi are scattered (Hall 5 B).

To taste standing ... If, in front of the prices posted, one has a slight doubt, one can decide to go on a diet or fall back on the ice carts Häagen Dazs. It's nourishing, refreshing, fast and available everywhere! SouvenirThis entry entitles you to the Mag newspaper, a good digest of truly new and international addresses. The 107 Rivoli bookstore and the Potters & Book bookstore offer the latest published works on the decorative arts and the art of living.