Credenzas set the tone

Wall street tile


Located above the worktop, hotplates or kitchen sink, the credenza is more exposed to dirt and splashes. Hence the interest of covering this surface with a suitable and resistant material such as stainless steel, earthenware or glass, for easier maintenance. And since a credence is essential, as well make your wall a deco element in its own right!

A credenza for two styles

Colorless aroma kitchen, authentic collection


Here, the credence brings a touch of design to a kitchen with a traditional style: the peps color wakes up and enhances the light wood of the furniture, for a very trendy contrasting effect.

A credence for an industrial style

Chamois carat cuisine


We choose this polished concrete style credenza for industrial style, in accordance with the color of the furniture and their lacquered effect, for a very modern result that evokes the loft atmosphere. Married in a cold color, the furniture and the credence perfectly adapt to the sunny rooms, having a south orientation.

An original credence

Tiles castel


To counterbalance a simple and clean style, we opt for an original patterned credence. Here, the credence takes again the motives of the tiling, for a harmonious whole which changes the already seen!