Expo design "Slow life by Thank you" in Paris

The exhibition "writing" in March and April 2015.

Francis Amiand

An exhibition "Slow life by Merci" organized in the heart of Paris in September 2015, in this concept store that combines simplicity with design ... Here is a discovery of furniture and objects design filled with sense and wisdom.

To slow down life, to put it on pause, to take distance as much as height, here is the invitation design with a wisdom of rigor. This is also the theme of the 2015 autumn exhibition of the concept store Thank you. Common sense in furniture and design objects.

Where are we in our lives? This art of living that is boasted on glossy paper, is it not vain, obsolete? To observe our lives overloaded with needs that are as useless as they are illusory, must we not reconsider our biological clock, return to our ideals of healthy spirit in a healthy body ... All that makes life a unique adventure, to handle with poetry, humor and lightness. It is urgent to take your time. This quest looks like a promised land, a space-time that reconnects us to our truths. To "too much", respond with the "least", guard against overbidding, excess, a return to essentials. This fall program is rather reassuring. And if a few years ago, the message could have seemed utopian, today it has become a "search engine".

The exhibition "Bad seeds invade thanks" in April 2014.


"Slow life by Merci": the 2015 manifesto

The Merci concept store offers to see for this comeback, the life in "slow": "Slow Light", as the poetry and ingenuity of the 5.5 designers, "Slow Movement", "Slow Sign" as the 365 paper vases symbols of passing time, like those everyday objects that make life easier for us. Light, use, aesthetics will be at the heart of this trilogy orchestrated by its artistic director, Daniel Rozensztroch.

The exhibition redraws the outlines of the Thank you philosophy. Guests, Antonio Marras and his collection made by Segno Italiano, alongside limited editions, exclusive products that will join hands to propose a future that is longing for better. The house and its variations will be the symbol, a fresco-caricature animate the walls, cool attitude will host a live show, and a signature at the Used Book Café will bring optimism and good mood. This benevolent humanity is good for the complexion and the heart in this eve of return.

"Slow Life by Thank you", from September 1 to 22, 2015. Thank you. 111, boulevard Beaumarchais, 75003. Tel. 01 42 77 00 33 and

The exhibition "writing" in March and April 2015.

Francis Amiand

Lamp "AA Energizer", 5.5 designstudio.

5.5 designstudio

Plate born from the collaboration between Antonio Marras and Segno Italiano, on sale from September 2015.


Wicker baskets and fabric born from the collaboration between Antonio Marras and Segno Italiano, on sale as of September 2015.


Electric isolator lamp, thanks.

Thank you

Pot wicker and ceramic, Sfera.


Daniel Rozensztroch, artistic director of Merci.

Vincent Bled