A hanging chair for my garden

Nestrest hanging armchair, Hanging Lounger design by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, diameter 200 cm x H 268 cm, 10 855 euros module + cushion, Dedon.


Attached to a branch or a foot, the hanging chair is a swing in the air time. Just to curl up at nap time or for the pleasure of being rocked, all pretexts are good to afford a swing in his garden!

On a terrace, in the middle of the garden or in the living room, the hanging chair is more than just a seat. Time for a nap, for a moment of complicity or a reading break, the swing is an invitation to relax. With its decorative lines and trendy materials, it flirts with all styles to attract the greatest number. Romantic or design, retro or contemporary, the hanging chair rocks us above the ground for a regressive pleasure. Discover our swings favorites and before the arrival of the beautiful days, choose the one that will make you capsize ...

1. A holiday look in my hanging chair

Cradled above the ground, facing the sea or a field of flowers in the garden, the swing makes us a little vacation. It's time to take the time and enjoy life outdoors!

Hanging armchair Swing, rattan structure, nitrocellulose varnish finish, dressed with braided rattan, galvanized steel suspension bow, delivered with a cushion, W 71 x D 72 x H 102 cm, 258.95 euros, AM.PM.


2. A retro garden armchair

With its curves and its retro look, this swing signed Fermob is the vintage touch in the garden or on the terrace. We love its red color, greedy and spruce.

Hanging armchair 1900 by Fermob, made in France, metal, 74 x 110 x 54 cm, 309 euros, Camif.


3. Bohemian spirit for a swing

To be installed in the garden or in the house, this hanging chair reminds with its weaving the macrame. A romantic note to hang where you please!

Hanging chair in broken white rope, 90 x 180 cm, 170 euros, The Repère des Belettes.

The Weasel's landmark

4. A hanging chair like a swing

On a mild summer afternoon, what a pleasure to be rocked in a swing, in the shade of a tree ... With its soft cushion, this hanging chair allows a nice moment of laziness.

Natura suspended armchair, W 81 x D 79 x H 133 cm, 249 euros, Maisons du monde.

Houses of the world

5. Rattan for my garden chair

With its generous curves and its imposing look, this hanging chair is as much in the house as in the garden. His rattan seat gives him a retro look just right.

Hanging armchair Broste, rattan, delivered with the chain to hang it, 63 x 78 x H 128 cm, 289 euros, decoclico.fr.


6. An armchair like a hut in the garden

Out of sight, this swing is a real hideaway ... Under the sun or under the stars, for a moment of reading, relaxation or to tell a thousand secrets!

Nestrest hanging armchair, Hanging Lounger design by Daniel Pouzet and Fred Frety, diameter 200 cm x H 268 cm, 10 855 euros module + cushion, Dedon.


7. A swing full of elegance for my garden

Suspended on the terrace or at the bottom of the garden, this armchair is a deco asset. Its braided seat in sober colors and its contemporary lines are the highlights of this swing.

Egg Maia swing, Patricia Urquiola design, aluminum frame, woven rope seat, possibility to customize the color (extra cost), H 192 x W 67 x W 110 cm, 3597 euros, Kettal.


8. A cocoon in my garden

This garden chair is a real cocoon in the garden. It moves according to the desires to follow you in summer as in winter.

Cocon garden armchair on foot, in brown resin, H 176 x W 100 x W 100 cm, 349 euros, Maisons du monde.

Houses of the world

9. Suspended color for my garden chair

Apple green or vitamin orange, the Paola Lenti hanging chairs bring a little pep in the garden. They also remind us of the swings of the rides of yesteryear and the good memories that go with it!

Adagio hanging armchair, steel, braided with solid or two-tone strings, 57 X 42 cm, 2350 euros, Paola Lenti.

Paola Lenti

10. A swing with a graphic style

With its original braiding, this hanging chair is a guarantee of style. His lines designed by the Spanish designer Mut Design flirt with a contemporary spirit for a garden full of character.

Nautica swing, in natural tinted polyester rope and rattan frame, several colors available, with or without the aluminum support, W 95 x W 76 x H 131 cm, Mut Design.

Mut Design

11. A swing for naps in the green

Like a tent, a bubble or a cocoon, the swing Cacoon adapts a little, much to all desires. In the garden, it is the ideal place for a moment of relaxation out of time.

Hanging nest for two people, cotton and polyester, diameter 180 cm, several colors available, tripod sold separately, 399 euros, Cacoon.


12. A hanging design chair for my garden

Original and elegant, black is a suitable color for a garden style. We love this contemporary swing, to hang from a branch in summer and a beam, in winter, in the house.

Swing in black rattan, 55 x 72 x 110 cm, 250 euros, HK Living.

HK Living