Dream Houses

A house way workshop


Visit the house of Frédéric Tabary, decorator specialist of the style metal and patinas. A treat this atmosphere wood and rusty iron and his many tips ...

In Nantes, Frédéric Tabary, decorator specialized in metal and patina style, "wear maker" of talent, has imagined his family home: a large space where there are no doors, where the ducts are proudly displayed , where children sleep in large rooms with a personal rest, where the office is an integral part of the living room ... Wood atmosphere, raw cement, zinc and rusty iron, industrial look, ideas, tips ...

The decor of an inventor that nothing stops

To enter the world of Frédéric Tabary is to approach the world of an inventor that nothing stops. From a tiny building without character, he imagines a simple, easy-going world, integrating his style from floor to ceiling. The house was built in a few months, around the small existing workshop: a very practical plan for a family life, a microterrasse in the heart of the building where sits an old-fashioned greenhouse, a kitchen, with a dining area, bright because only generously glazed, and the sleeping area at the back of the house for obvious reasons of tranquility.

Funny tricks like the hood

At Frederic Tabary, we notice funny tricks like a microwave hidden behind the kitchen hood and down on a mini-load, all powered by an electric winch. Television, the eternal subject of warm-up in families, is camouflaged by a rusty metal plate fixed on visible rails. Glass type workshop, recovery and misappropriation of all kinds ... Frederic seems to have an idea to the minute, even more sometimes! He recognizes that he loves to design everything, to imagine shapes with his favorite materials: wood, metal, raw materials lookées industrial. We already knew La Carlingue in Nantes, a store he had imagined and which today is led by Isabelle Bertin; La Petite Epicerie, Castle Street; the Tabl'o Gourmand; the rooms of A corner at Soi and some private building sites.

In his house, he treats us with his innate sense to mix raw materials and to make the patina of time: the contemporary is not for him. He feels good in the midst of objects that already have a history, it must be said that his mother has a lovely flea market in Nantes and that his father has trained in carpentry and cabinet making ... a beautiful heritage he uses with enthusiasm.