Mother's Day: Find the best gift ideas



Every year, we brainstorm to find the right gift for Mother's Day. This time, finished the puzzle: we went to meet thirty moms, who have indulged us ... Discover their desires, or their best gifts from their children.

Thirty moms, of all ages and from all walks of life, agreed to confide in Côté Maison about the gift they would like to receive on Mother's Day, and those who marked them. Inspire yourself to make sure to please the best of moms ...

Laurence, 50, two children aged 24 and 27 (Loir-et-Cher): "My best gift for Mother's Day would beto have my children with me."

Olivia, 33, a 4-year-old child (Paris): "My child is still small, it's not easy, but his dad buys me flowers As my child is in the first year of kindergarten, maybe will be -I a small handmade giftwhich will be a pleasure for sure. "

Mireille, 52, a child of 28 years (Paris): "The poems touch the mothers a lot. The gifts slightly awkward but so touching."

Malika, 44, a 2-year-old son (Paris): "For Mother's Day, I would like my son to give me sleep nights!"

Celine, 41, two children aged 13 and 18 (Paris): "My favorite thing is the gifts made by the children, I remember that mine offered us painted pasta necklaces, which bleed on the skin... I let you imagine the result when they offered me a necklace of green noodles! My children are older now, so I would be happy to receive a watch bracelet for example, for mine whose bracelet can easily be changed according to moods. "

Virginie, 48, two children aged 16 and 20 (Paris): "Before, it was the dad who took care of it Now it does not matter, as long as it fits in my children's budget. gift of 20 euros would be fine. "

Muriel, 50, two children aged 18 and 22 (Dijon): "I would love to do a travel with my children, to get together as a family. "
Marie-Lise (mother of Muriel), 73, 3 children (Charentes): "And I would like to go with them!"

Véronique, 50 years old, four children of 16, 20, 23 and 25 years old (Paris): "For Mother's Day, I received a mountain bike, I loved it!"

Pascale, 55, 3 children aged 20 to 24 (Deux-Sèvres): "I appreciate what comes from the heart, when children spend time and are creative.My best gift is frames painted by my children, with inside pictures of them three, which they had taken together the day before, but I also received trays, tea boxes ... painted and decorated by them. "

Sophie, 52, a 21-year-old son (Paris): "Every little thing we use every day is welcome: a new wallet, a perfume ... things we do not necessarily buy from ourselves."

Dominique, 60, a girl of 20 (Paris): "Let's stay in a reasonable budget ... but I will not say no to makeup, flowers, a little clothing ... "

Anabelle, 45, two children aged 16 and 18 (Paris): " Mother's Day, it should be every day! I prefer unexpected and spontaneous attention at any time of the year, rather than forced attention once a year! But otherwise, flowers, it's always fun of course. "

Julie, 43, 1 child aged 15 (Indre): "Why not a pretty handbagbut it is always difficult to do in the means of his child ... "

Virginie (three children 12, 15 and 17 years old), Clara (three children 5, 10 and 12 years old), Vanessa (35, a child of 4 years old) and Laure (two children of 3 and 1 years old), ( Paris) "Kisses, jewels, perfume, chocolates ... and good marks !"

Gisèle, 81 years old, two girls of 50 and 55 years old (Charente-Maritime): "What gives us the most pleasure are, of course, the pictures of the children, but at our age, as we do not go out to buy clothes anymore and we do not is more aware of the current "fashion", we also appreciate that our children buy us a little trendy clothing. "

Valérie, 48, two children aged 17 and 20 (Paris): "For Mother's Day, I would love to receive a letter of my children ".

Cécile, 37, a 9-year-old (North): "Gifts that come from the heart I have already received a jewelry box made by my son, with inside piles of sweet little words. It was very touching. "

Carmen, 66, a 37 year old girl (Paris): "For Mother's Day, I would like to have my daughter with me. little costume jewelery, flowers… "

Elise, 60, two children aged 26 and 29 (Yvelines): "For Mother's Day, I would like to a meal prepared by my childrenand that, of course, I would share with them, as a family! "

Héloïse, 50, a child of 21 years (Paris): "Gourmande as I am, Mother's Day is an opportunity to to be offered sweets, and to eat them without feeling guilty !"

Brigitte, 78 years old, two children aged 49 and 53 (Paris): "My children know that I have a weakness for orchids, so a nice bouquet with a little word would be nice".

Mélissa, 39, two children aged 9 and 11 (Brittany): "Last year my children offered me origami flowers (tulips), which are still on my bedside table. They also already offered me a shell necklace. I hope that this year, they will keep their creative sense to surprise me! "

Elisabeth, 56, two children aged 24 and 27 (Creuse): "I remember that when they were little, they disguised themselves and organized me a little show in the garden. For a mom, it's something! "

Joëlle, 62, a child of 30 years (Paris): "I want what I have every year: a chocolate bouquet! It's a treat, and on top of that, it's pretty! "

Nathalie, age 61, children aged 28 to 32 (Paris): "The tradition on Mother's Day is that my children cook me my favorite cake, namely a chocolate charlotte! "

Cathy, 57, a 23-year-old child (Deux-Sèvres): "At my age, we love to take care of ourselves, so for Mother's Day, I would like to receive a good for a care, a relaxing massage… ".

Florence 53 years old, 3 child (Paris): "A pretty scarf, a book, a small accessory ... which is accessible to children of course! "

Vanessa, 34 (Seine-et-Marne): "The gift I would like to receive: a drawing with the imprint of their hands! My best gift: in reality, there are two. In 2012, it was to have my daughter and in 2013 the surprise arrival of my son. "

Sylvie: "My best memory of Mother's Day? my daughter sang me "a sweet song" with a cassette where the whole class was singing... I had the impression that all the children were around me, there just for me! I cried with joy and especially with love, my daughter was 5 years old and took me in her arms ... happiness (I lost my mother when I was 8 years old) so all the presents of my daughter are precious and our love is fusional ... Except now in adolescence! And yes like the others, hard period, but it will come again ... "

Pricilla: "When my 21-month-old will tell me "I love you mom"."

Elisabeth, 3 children: "May my 3 children arrive with their children a sandwich-style meal all with a bouquet of violets that my daughters Margaux, Clarisse and Lisa would offer me, while the little last Mael would crawl at our feet trying to catch me by the dress while saying "Mamibou kiss!" "

Fabienne, 45, 3 children from 9, 12 and 17 years old (Pas de Calais): "The little poem with the Sunday morning map in bed. "

Thérèse, 73, 4 children and 6 grandchildren (Loire): "The greatest gift that my children gave me was the one they had made at school in secret with their little handcuffs ... But now it is especially their presence in family that rejoices me!"