Open your bathroom on the bedroom

Anne-Emmanuelle Thion

In a spirit of parental suite, the bathroom open to the room was designed around an imposing island that structures the space. Ingenious idea no?

In this vast house in the Paris region, the owners, at the time of the acquisition, decided to completely restructure the site. For their room, they wanted to invest the last floor, and make this space a parental suite with bathroom.

"I got a free hand from them," recalls Stanley Neff, the master builder.Their sole instruction was to have a bathroom open to the room.From this recommendation, I left free I designed the bathroom in two parts: sink and storage on one side, shower and bath on the other, I like geometry, constructivism, so I had fun creating a bathroom. kind of totem which, seen from the room, looks like a metal structure and, thus, hides the basin placed on the other side.I chose a round mirror which animates the whole and which, side room, reinforces this impression of looking at a sculpture. "

A practical toilet table

Centerpiece of the layout and designed as a sculpture, the toilet is dominated by a basin (Duravit). The faucet (Dornbracht) was built into the wall that supports a round mirror, lighting and a metal shelf. Range of ecological cosmetics (Nominoë). Seen from behind (as in this picture), the mirror becomes a blackboard.

Clever, the cupboards in loft offer a maximum of storage without biting on the space. Basically, a TV was embedded in the wall. Bath towels, towels and bathrobe ("Gourmandise", Anne de Solène). To answer the mirror, a basin with rounded forms rests on a stone plan. Small shelves of metal punctuate the whole, and cut on the white wall hiding the basin.

Spacious, the bathroom gives pride of place to storage. Low cupboards, created to measure and painted in white, form a large console positioned in loft, for an optimal space saving.

An open shower on the bedroom

On the shower and bath side, the project manager has, again, responded to a particular wish of the owners. "They wanted to avoid partitioning the space, so I had the idea of ​​a shower open to the rest of the room, but closed to prevent splashing water."Solution retained: the salient angle of the shower was designed with two glass walls.

The window of the shower fluidizes the space and makes the angle disappear. A mosaic of clear glass paste dresses walls and soil of the wetland. Shower set ("Tara.Logic", Dornbracht).

The bathtub placed under a roof window takes advantage of the light. All this part of the bathroom has been covered with glass mosaic in slightly bluish tones, including on the floor, again, so that the space retains maximum clarity and is easy to maintain. The material is also opposed to the oiled floor of the room, which provides a warm contrast. "Gourmandise" bath towel, Anne de Solène.